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Have a Happy Lung, Long Life; Three Breathing Exercises for Happiness

Cold weather is hard on the body and lungs. I am sharing breathing exercises because the lungs are the first line of defense for our immune system, and are natural stress relief techniques. Deep breathing creates space mentally, a perfect gift to give yourself. A relaxed mind leads to a relaxed body, which leads to better performance, quality of life and ultimately happiness.

Here are three natural stress relief techniques

1. Lung Qigong- Lung Qigong is a Medical Qigong and used as a healing sound for depression. The sound creates a vibration to cleanse, energize, and restore the lungs. Stand or sit with proper posture(spine tall and head aligned) as you inhale into to lower abdomen, and exhale with "ZZZZZ" (stronger vibration for a deeper, physical cleansing in the lungs). Another version of this sound is "SSSSS" and is great for depression or anxiety. Breathing Exercise for Anxiety

2. Cleansing Breathe- This Qigong breathing exercise is for "letting go" and a natural stress relief technique you can do anywhere. Do seated or standing. Inhale through your nose, exhale through the nose, and at the end of the exhale breathe out to your mouth to eliminate excess breath and stress. Repeat three to seven times. Natural Stress Relief Technique

3. Expanding and Emptying- This Lung Qigong is great for Asthma, and stress management. Inhale through the nose while opening the hands out to the sides, pause, extend arms further as you inhale further. Then, bring hands one over the other, over the belly, bend at waist, and exhale out of the mouth. Breathing Exercise for Anxiety

Your call of action is every moment you get, gently check-in and notice how you're breathing. Take a deep breath in the lower abdomen and exhale completely. Take notice of what this does for you. Deep breathing creates space mentally, and is the perfect gift to give yourself. A relaxed mind leads to a relaxed body which leads to better performance, quality of life, and ultimately happiness.

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